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Ours is a client-centered approach

Small enterprises, NGOs, non profit organizations, local authorities... YourProject provides services that can be tailored just for you!
VET Training Centers

VET and professional training centers, EU mobility networks, research centers and institutes. Our services for you:


Local authorities

We collaborate with Local Authorities, small Municipalities, Regional departments and Public bodies involved in social, health, youth and educational policies.


NGOs and Non-Profit 

Non profit organizations, civil society and community groups, NGOs active in the following fields: social policies, environment and sustainability, migration, gender maninstreaming, human and civilrights, active citizenship, cooperation and development:



Kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, professional institutes, colleges, university faculties.


Micro and small enterprises, cooperatives and social enterprises. Our services for you: 


Cultural associations

Associations active in the cultural field, entertainment agencies and private companies, record labels, publishing companies, libraries.


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