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EU funded projects


Planning and development of strong and effective European projects, in line with the funding programme's priorities and aims.


We follow you step by step in all project phases:

  • monitoring and review of the EU funding programmes most in line with your project idea;

  • selection and management of the transnational partnership;

  • development of the strategic and financial project plan; 

  • activation of all necessary managerial tools;

  • planning and development of budget and timesheet;

  • draw up and proof reading of the project draft;

  • submission of the project proposal using the offical forms / e-forms / portals;

  • follow up and negotiation with the funding authority.

Ideas become projects!



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National, regional and local projects


Development of project proposals in response to national, regional and local funding schemes and programmes, starting from an accurate context analysis and always in line with your needs and requests.


We can assist you or take over in just one or all phases of project design, management and monitoring:

  • research and context analysis;

  • development of benchmarking analysis;

  • definition of objectives and expected results;

  • creation of the project partnership;

  • development of feasibility plans and budgets;

  • draw up of the communication and dissemination strategy;

  • monitoring and evaluation.

Private foundations


We offer support in the development of project ideas and proposals to be submitted to Italian and International foundations, selecting only the foundations in line with your mission and values.


Face to face and distance coaching to assist you in the development of your proposal, based on four key issues:


  • Can my activities interest the Foundation? 

  • How to apply with a project proposal (eligible costs, forms, administrative documents, etc.);

  • Establishment of a positive relation with the Foundation's competent staff

  • Justification of costs

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