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Many training solutions, shaped together with you. Address your needs, strenghten your skills and collect the results!

Training on project design and EU funds

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In-house training

We create a training programme designed upon your needs, which consists of: analysis of training gaps in your staff; design of your customized training programme; implementation of training activities; monitoring and final evaluation of the training. In-house training will strengthen your staff resources in terms of European project planning and make you more competitive in the field.

Private lessons


We offer customized programs designed for individuals or groups of 2-3. The use of innovative and effective methodologies, will require the full engagement of participants and the true commitment of trainers, that will be accompanying you step by step through the draw up of a EU project proposal. A tailored training program aimed at increasing your skills in the field of Project Cycle Management.

Open courses

Face to face, highly interactive lessons, including team work and "on the project" exercises, with the aim to provide participants with the specific skills necessary for the draw up and management of European projects, in line with EU funding programs. Our methodology brings participants to deal directly with the difficulties of project writing and will allow them to acquire the operational techniques useful to obtain EU contributions.

Labs and workshops


This formula foresees a full-immersion of 2-3 days of study on just one single European funding Programme. These workshops - particularly useful in the months before deadlines - are intended for employees, volunteers and activists of non profit organizations and NGOs, and include exercises and group work, analysis of best practices, aimed to enable participants to apply for funding with a project proposal. Programmes: Erasmus+, Europeaid, Creative Europe.

Plan your training offer


Design of specific educational project proposals to be applied to various contexts and addressing different targets. Coaching in the design of training activities and construction of educational modules. Training and distance learining for educators, teachers and trainers on the following topics: environment, multicultural societies and gender perspective.


School laboratories

Many educational training solutions for schools from kindergarden to high school and college. We design and conduct diversified activities, labs and F2F lessons, tailored on the specific needs of the class and built in one or more meetings in collaboration with school teachers and professors. The themes we work on: environment, multiculture and gender perspective.


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